Peer Review Process

Manuscript meeting the “International Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities” submission and formatting requirements is ready for peer review process. The peer review process is overseen by the publication’s editorial board (the Editor-in-Chief and Editors), supported by AAASSHER peer review staff.

The Peer Review Process

The following is a general outline of the peer review process.

  • Journal’s editorial office assesses each new submission to determine if the manuscript meets AAASHER publications standards and if it is within the scope of the journal. It is then sent to the Editor-in-Chief who assesses the suitability of the manuscript in terms of quality and, if appropriate, assigns it to an Editor who will handle the peer review process and make decisions. During peer review, correspondence from the assigned Editor or peer review staff and any automated reminders or notices concerning the manuscript will be emailed to the corresponding author.
  • The assigned Editor then performs an additional, more detailed, analysis before inviting a number of potential reviewers to provide a peer review report. If suitable, Editor invites potential Reviewers for the manuscript. At least two Reviewers are required for each manuscript. Reviewers are asked to return their completed reviews within three weeks. Editors and peer review staff remind Reviewers of deadlines. Using the reviews and recommendations provided by the Reviewers, the Editor makes one of the recommendations:
  1. Reject
  2. Major Revision
  3. Minor Revision
  4. Publish
  • When the assigned Editor has reached a decision, the corresponding author is emailed a decision letter. If the Editor requests a revision, the corresponding author should upload that revised version to the Editorial Manager, editing the existing submission. Authors should upload their revised manuscript and point-by-point responses to reviewers within specified time of the revision decision. Authors may request an extension of this deadline from the Editor before the revision date lapses. Papers where a revision has not been uploaded by the deadline and where no extension has been requested may be considered “withdrawn” at the discretion of the Editor.
  • When the corresponding author submits a revision the Production staff complete a check to ensure the revision adheres to all requirements and is ready to go into production if accepted. The revision is then assigned back to the Editor who made the initial decision.

Associate Editors will be called upon to handle appeals and other editorial issues as and when required.

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